X Diablo
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Model: X Diablo

Collection Systems Available:

3 Bag 12 Bu., Fabric Dump From Seat and Dump From Seat Attachment

*See deck size for availability

Part #
Catcher Type/Description

Rear Baggers
305 001 516 3-Bag, 12-Bushel Catcher w/18" Spindle Driven Blower Catchers made by Humboldt for Big Dog mowers are available only from Big Dog dealers. Contact your Big Dog dealer for pricing info.
Model #'s 929xxx & 930xxx
305 001 520 10-Bushel Fabric Dump from Seat Catcher w/18" Spindle Driven Blower
Model #'s 929xxx & 930xxx
305 012 008 Dump From Seat Attachment for 3-Bag 12 Bu. Catcher System

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