2 Bag 8 Bu.
Product Features

2 Bag 8 Bu. Rear Collection System

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  • Entire System is "Quick-on Quick-off"

  • Low profile leaves the operator with an unobstructed rear view

  • Catcher is within the mower width allowing for greater maneuverability & more trailer space

  • Fabric Hood allows maximum air release, increasing blower performance

  • 6" Hose allows greater air flow, reduces clogging, and provides greater bag compaction

  • Gas Cylinders keep hood completely open when unloading and tightly shut during operation

  • Internal deflector directs debris to uniformly fill bags from left to right

  • Reduced blower width allows for greater maneuverability

  • Blower has all steel housing and impeller

  • Easy accessable and greasable bearings

  • Bags have vaccuum formed pan with recessed metal handle

2 Bag 8 Bu. Specifications

Catcher System

Width -   38"
Height -   33"
Depth -   23"
Capacity -   8 Bushel by volume
Fabrication -   10 and 12 gauge steel construction
Loaded bag weight -   60 lbs. (depending on conditions)

Width -   11"
Height -   20"
Length -   28.8"
Housing Fabrication -   12 gauge steel
Impeller Fabrication -   7 gauge steel blades, 1" shaft
Greasable flange bearings
Weight -   82 lbs.

2 Bag 8 Bu. Product Pictures

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight does the bagger add to the mower?

  • Full bags weigh aprroximately 60 lbs. and the rear end weighs approximately 80 lbs.

  • How long does it take to install the bagging system?

  • Initial installation takes about an hour, after that, it takes only minutes to remove or reinstall the system.

  • We get a lot of rain in my area, how well does the catcher work with wet grass or leaves?

  • Wet grass and leaves are heavy. Raise the deck slightly higher and travel slower. Wet clippings add significant
    weight to the bags.

  • Will the bagger block my rear view?

  • We use a low profile design that allows for good rear visiblility.

  • How much does the system add to the width of my mower?

  • The blower will add 11" to the deck and the bagger is designed to stay inside of the travel of the mower.

  • Can I collect leaves with this bagger system?

  • Yes, but we recommend you mulch the leaves first for more efficient bagging.

  • Can I convert this to a Dedicated or Fabric Dump From Seat?

  • No, the added weight and the amount of counterweight would put too much strain on the mover. There is a Dump From Seat Attachment available.

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