Advice and Caution

Since 1993, Humboldt Specialty Mfg. Co. has designed and manufactured grass and leaf collection systems for many brands of Zero Turn Mowers, Compact Tractors, and Walk-Behind Mowers. All of our products are tested under a multiplicity of conditions. They are not guaranteed to perform optimally under any and all conditions!

Depending on the time of year, makeup of the grass, moisture, depth of cut, speed of mowing or cleaning and the horsepower available, the performance of your grass catcher will vary. Humboldt™ catchers perform well in most situations but not all! During periods of lush grass, wet grass, leaves or other factors, you may have to adjust your mowing to fit the conditions. The use of special hi-lift blades is also recommended in most conditions. During leaf clean up some systems work better with mulching blades. Check your system to assure proper grass catcher system installation.

Clogging of catchers, although infrequent, can happen in any condition. If this should occur, all Humboldt™ hoses are secured with a quick clip attachment which allows clearing a clog quickly and without tools.

Machines are equipped with many different brands of horsepower rated engines and various hydraulic systems. There is, for many mowers, a point where the weight of the mower, operator, catcher system, and the clippings or leaves can start to effect the operation of the machine and life of drive components. This is particularly true if you are mowing on non-level terrain. If this should occur, you will have to compensate by decreasing depth of cut, not filling the bags or hopper to full capacity or slowing the speed of mowing.

The Humboldt™ products featured on this site are designed and manufactured so that they will work on the mowers/tractors shown. Humboldt Specialty Mfg. Co. is not associated with the manufacturer of the mower/tractor nor is the mower/tractor manufacturer involved in the adaptation of Humboldt™ products for use on their machines.


Products manufactured by Humboldt Specialty Manufacturing Company (HSMC) are covered by the following warranties:

Sewn Products

Sewn products are warranted only for defects in workmanship for a period of ninety days following sale to the dealer or distributor. Sewn products are not warranted against wear.


Blowers are warranted for one year for defects in manufacture or failure following sale to dealer or distributor except for belts and failure caused by sand, pebbles, rocks, or other items other than grass, leaves or small twigs put through the blower.

All other products

Products are warranted for defects in manufacture or failure of parts for one year following sale to the dealer or distributor. Warranty does not extend to damage or failure due to abuse.

Scope of warranty

Warranty is limited to replacement of the part or assembly for which warranty is claimed. HSMC may require that the part for which warranty is claimed be returned to HSMC. HSMC will not entertain any claims for repairs made by others unless approval has been given prior to any such repairs being made in writing.

Initiation of warranty claims by dealers

To initiate warranty claims, claimant must contact HSMC Customer Service at 402.397.1154 or 800.488.2009

Return and Refund Policy

Returns for reasons other than improperly manufactured goods customer will be charged a 15% restocking fee (this includes Labor, Materials, and Storage). ALL returns must be made within 60 days of purchase.

ALL returns must be authorized through return material authorization procedures of HSMC via e-mail or fax, prior to the return of goods. Customer pays all return shipping (except for improperly manufactured goods).

Shipping Policy

We ship all merchandise via FedEx Ground or freight line of our choice unless specified otherwise by you at the time of order. Any "special order" will not be shipped until the entire order is completed, unless requested otherwise. Products ship in 5-7 business days.

Due to the specific shipping instructions required and certain limitations that may occur with a shipment of our 2 and 3 bag Rear Catcher Units, we can only accept orders through either a Product Dealer or directly from the customer, and NOT online. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We look forward to hearing from you.